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The Ember Reach

The Ember Reach (Planar Lost: Book Two)

"A superb follow-up novel that once again blends elements of horror, suspense, and dark fantasy to create a vivid and atmospheric world filled with danger and intrigue."


A Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner!


In this dark fantasy tale, author J. Gibson blends elements of political intrigue, supernatural horror, and epic adventure to create an immersive world that will appeal to fans of series like The Black Company, The First Law, and A Song of Ice and Fire.

When undead horrors attack the city of Imbredon, a young woman named Karis barely escapes with her life. Fleeing the carnage, she encounters strange entities; demons, a mysterious angel, and a monstrous creature called Ariseis that hunts Karis for unknown reasons. Meanwhile, in the Imperial capital of Aros, a half-elven deacon named Amun finds herself embroiled in dangerous political machinations. Members of the Ennead, the ruling council of archbishops, are being murdered by a conspiracy of rogue mages. As Amun investigates alongside her mentor Archbishop Delacroix, she uncovers clues pointing to a looming supernatural threat.

The protagonists' journeys eventually intertwine as they face both human and inhuman dangers. Karis teams up with Samorah, a defected paladin, to confront the spider-like monsters plaguing the village of Arkala. Amun pursues traitorous magisters, enduring torture at the hands of a malicious entity. Vivid action sequences abound, from magical battles against mutating abominations to gritty melee combat.

A Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner!

"J. Gibson has crafted a superb follow-up novel that once again blends elements of horror, suspense, and dark fantasy to create a vivid and atmospheric world filled with danger and intrigue. The characters are compelling and even more well-developed than the first novel, each facing their own trials and tribulations as they navigate the perils of their shattered reality."

—K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

"Gibson's narrative seamlessly ties together loose ends from the first book while intriguingly setting the stage for the next installment. The book's pacing is dynamic, with each chapter adding to an ever-expanding tapestry of adventure and action."

—Literary Titan

"After reading The Blackened Yonder and falling in love with J. Gibson's writing style, my expectations were soaring high. Usually, sequels can never live up to the first novel in a series, but this time, I was pleasantly surprised. The world-building is just as good, the execution of the plot is powerful, and the narrative is incredible!"

—Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorite


"The Ember Reach will appeal to fans of dark fantasy novels following the lives of strong female leaders."

—Stephanie Runyon, Online Book Club

"A riveting blend of epic fantasy and horror. The atmospheric descriptions of the places reached, the awesome portraits of the characters, the action-driven plot, perilous adventures, magical combat, and eventual jaw-dropping revelations are a few notable features of this amazing epic fantasy."

—Olga Markova, Readers' Favorite

"What I adored in The Ember Reach by J. Gibson is how, from the beginning, the author presents detailed, complex, vivid, and at the same time visceral scenes that made my heart race and the hair on my arms stand up."

—Ana-Maria Leasa, Readers' Favorite

"One of the things I found to be thought-provoking in this novel was the dynamics of power and the relationship between those governing and those being governed. The excellent narration and the seamless flow of the plot added to the overall appeal of the book."

—Frank Mutuma, Readers' Favorite

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